Saturday, 26 May 2007

Pre-Partizan Jitters (and it's raining)

Partizan tomorrow. Paul said he would take me. I did offer to pay towards Petrol though I don't know how much he'll want. Just checked up the price of a return and single ticket on the train. Looking forward to it anyway. Will chat to Vendel again after their comment on my TMP news item. Paying East Riding Miniatures a visit too. Colin will also be there but under his Rapid Fire publications this time.

Just emailed John Preece but he may not get the email till he returns to Wales. Looking forward to meeting the rest of that crew including Henry Hyde of the Battlegames magazine who Paul also knows and leaves comments on the Battlegames blog. May take some video this time as well as photos which I why I bought a larger memory card for my camera.
Batteries are charged up for my camera. Got some more posters to print and things to do. May not get a full night's sleep. Only waking up about an hour earlier than normal anyway.

Partizan here we come.

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