Sunday, 27 May 2007

Partizan Rundown

What a great day I have had. Meeting all those people at Partizan, incredibly taking over 200 photos which is a staggering amount for me and 95% of them came out. The highlight of my day was meeting Henry Hyde, John Preece, Stuart Asquith, Brigadier Charles Grant and Steve Gill at their Mollowitz Stand. Took photos of most of the games I wanted to. Talked to Derek at Vendel who seemed happy to see me and who had put that nice comment on TMP on my last news item there. Had a short chat with Colin on his stand also.

Had planned to post some preview photos on my blog of Partizan, so here we go. The official taster before I put up all the photos that came out extremely well is going to be made tonight and put on our website as an overview of the show. Here are some tasters:

The Mollowitz game hosted by the Battlegames team with guest Brigadier Charles Grant OBE. Charles Grant also had a better mini-tripod than me :(

28mm Crimean display game by the Derby Wargames Society. Had taken photos of their World War 1 game at Triples, the French Counter Offensive 1915.

Bill Gaskin's 28mm Napoleonic display game. My first encounter with Bill's work who apparently had been playing since he was a young boy is when I came across a gallery on the Wargames Illustrated website of his American Civil War figures.

The Mongol Invasion of Japan 1274 by Curteys and 1st Corps. Had taken other photos of this game at Triples also. There was one slight change to todays game though. The Samurai had formed a relief column and were trying to take back their ground. Curteys had received my email that I sent after Triples with the pics I took in them.

Paul was good enough to take me to Partizan. Horrible weather for the start of my holiday. Note also that Paul had added the main Grimsby Website to his links on his blog.
At Partizan we bumped into fellow members Martin Buck and Dave Tuck. Also bumped into former member Tim Walker, who had written up our 18th Century Warfare Rules who moved to Sheffield last year. I hadn't seen him in years.

Other games I took photos of:
25mm ACW by North Hull Wargames Club - Mechanicsville 1862
Forest Outlaws 28mm Seven Years War
Shedheads 20mm WW2 Bocage Breakout (using Rapid Fire organisations)

Tired now. Will get the Partizan gallery done. Aiming tonight, if not, in the morning. Promised all I took photos of within 24 hours. All those games I took photos of received the poster I specially printed up for the occasion.


Alte Fritz said...

The Crimean pictures look like they should be labeled Napoleon's Italian Campaign circa 1798, perhaps?

David M said...

I think those 28mm "Crimean War" figures are actually Seven Years War Austrians, aren't they?

James B S Shepherd said...

Excellent site, superb pictures. Well done.