Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The Past 48 Hours

Had a lay in on Monday. Didn't do a lot at all. Just chilled out and went through my photos of Partizan. Went to my mate Andy's for a short while. It will be his birthday today. Discussed the website and other things. After that, went to the Club where Mark Alcock, Dave Hewins, Jason Whitfield, Ron Skeet and Andy Hamilton were playing a game of "Wallenstein" I think it was. While at the club I put the posters advertising the website and blogs up. Those were the same posters I handed out at Partizan.
After going home got the Partizan Overview gallery prepared and edited some pages on the website. Started on them. Was tired so laid on the bed for a while missing my own midnight deadline for TMP but sent my news item anyway.
Received an email from TMP saying it would be up in 2 days in the early hours of the 29th to find another email several hours later saying the story would run any minute.

As for Tuesday, kept checking TMP for hits and comments. The news item can be found at:

Had some comments so far. Not doing bad on hits and this time we were not the first or 2nd story to appear in hobby news. Hits still not bad.
Tidied my flat up a little, did some shopping and went to the club where the lads who play Warhammer and all other Games Workshop stuff were playing just that. Took lots of photos. The aim is to give them a page and promote them on Tuesdays. Such things have been going on for years at our club and they contribute quite substantially financially throughout the year. There will now be photos to show their games off also. Going next Tuesday to do the same and may join in next time. Can't normally do it as I work 2-10pm on Tuesdays. Am on holiday so can go. They were really friendly and it was quite busy. Plenty of people there playing all sorts.

Best news of all: My photos may end up in the Battlegames magazine of Partizan! What I haven't said so far is that after I got home on Sunday I went through the Mollwitz photos, fixed them and resized them before emailing them to Henry Hyde, the editor of Battlegames who I had met at the show. I wanted to contribute my photos of that game and others to the Battlegames magazine. Henry replied today as he only got back yesterday and it was his birthday and he is interested in some of them for the magazine and would like to see my photos for the other games. I had already told him the games I had taken photos of. He said I could send him a CD of the games at full resolution or reduced size ( as I had sent them) inside a zip file. Zip file may be quicker. He will start preparing the next magazine so I had better sort them out soon. Before I go to bed I will pick out the best of each, stick them in a folder and resize them whilst adjusting resolution. Tomorrow I will zip them up.
Tomorrow is going to be busy as I need to buy my mate Andy's present and hopefully see him in the evening.

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