Thursday, 31 May 2007

Holiday Under the Weather

Sorry not been typing much in this blog for a few days. Been chilling out. Most of Wednesday was spent sorting out my photos to send to Henry Hyde of Battlegames. The hardest thing was emailing them. Attempted to send them all in one go twice - a whopping 18mb including the Mollwitz photos again. Ended up splitting them up into 3 zip files with an email for each one and minus Mollwitz. Sending Mollwitz again would probably have been a duplication of effort again anyway. Sent them all successfully to Henry eventually.
Also yesterday was my mate Andy's birthday so went to see him and his girlfriend for a few hours, had a few cans of lager, watched a bit of Casino Royale again and chatted.

Today I just relaxed and watched telly most of the day. My friend Pete unexpectedly came round for 20 mins and another friend Jamie rang me up and is coming tomorrow. Managed to watch Doctor Who and Doctor Who confidential on Demand.

Been getting the other web page done with galleries for the gamers who play fantasy games on Tuesday nights. Nearly done.

Had some constructive criticism on my photos from Henry Hyde with suggestions as how to improve, which was welcome also. He may use my other photos of the games at Partizan. Will have to wait and see.

Booked my train ticket to Durham for next Saturday 9th June for the Durham Wargames Show. Am on holiday and want to get out of town by jumping on a train to somewhere. Another wargames show miles away seems a good idea. I don't return to work till the 10th.

For some reason today I have been feeling a bit under the weather, bit sniffy and a bit light headed. Maybe its a cold. I do feel slightly bunged up.

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