Friday, 1 June 2007

Angel Season 5

Not done loads today either. Chilling out once again. That page for the Tuesday lot is nearly done. Just got one more gallery to make, stick them on the page, add the page to the site and upload it. Didn't get round to any emailing today though I did receive a private message from the Falkirk Wargames Club Forum regarding Rapid Fire! photos.

Heard nothing from Henry Hyde. He's probably busy planning the next issue. The copy deadline was today.

Going to my mate Andy's tomorrow night for maybe something to eat and a few drinks. At the time of typing this I have already had a few cans of lager as my friend Jamie has come round for a few hours. We both decided to watch some more of Angel Season 5 that I taped months ago. It's started to hot up again. I watched the episode after the one where they break Lindsey out of some Weird Hell dimension. We're already several men down - Fred, Gunn and Cordelia. Dying to watch some more but I'll wait till Jamie comes round again.

Back to those pages for the Tuesday night lot. Got loads to do on the website in the next few days. I am also hoping the weather warms up midweek next week and stays dry because I would like to go for a long bike ride. If it's hot tomorrow as the forecast seems to indicate then I will probably cut the grass at the back.

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