Sunday, 3 June 2007

The Grass is Greener

Well mostly it is. Didn't do a huge amount yesterday. Mainly lounged about, messed about on the pc with pictures and browsing and watching some music videos on VH1 - like I did today - blasting it through my stereo and therefore my surround sound. Went to my mate Andy's yesterday evening to discuss some plans with him regarding websites and transferring one of his domains names to me - which is nice of him - problem is, neither of us are exactly sure how to do it. I have some ideas but without his help it will not happen. It was his idea in the first place. It will have to be looked into more first.
Also uploaded yesterday the page I had made for the wargamers who play on Tuesday nights. They usually play fantasy and while they don't necessarily play Warhammer they use Warhammer or Games Workshop rules for some of their games. The photos I took on Tuesday also went up.

Received all the photos from Thomas of the Falkirk Wargames Club yesterday which I downloaded today. There's too many for a gallery so may have to cut some out.
Watched VH1 playing it through my surround. Today it was playing the 100 Chessiest songs. A lot of the songs were from the 70's and 80's and quite a few of them were classics and favourites of mine. Number 1 was David Hasselhoff's Jump in My Car! I thought that was a fun song and the video was great. The Hoff didn't take himself seriously on it, spoofing himself all the way through with references to Baywatch and especially Kitt (from his Knightrider days) in it.
Watched Doctor Who on Demand this morning too. What a great end to an interesting and slightly different story. Liked the bit at the end where he gives young Latimer the watch, which helps saves him then fast forwards to the present day and a memorial ceremony of sorts with the older, now pensioner Latimer, where he sees the Doctor and Martha who haven't aged at all.

Am about to make another Links page for the website to accommodate more international links before emailing more of them. Today also my friend Jamie cut the grass - he did offer - and I sweeped up. In return got us both some munchies and him a few cans of Tennents Super so he can let his hair down when he goes home. I tidied up the flat also. Tomorrow I plan to go on a Sunbed which is something I've thought about for a while. I like sunbathing actually but I only get sunburn in certain areas, mainly my neck. Got a bit on my chest and some colour on the top of my arms but nowhere else, which looks slightly odd. Always wanted some tan so am going to get one. At least I'll be the same colour everywhere.

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