Wednesday, 6 June 2007

D-Day and Big Game Nights Monday and Tuesday

Just in case anyone may have forgotten today is the 63rd Anniversary of D-Day. The day when Allied troops began their invasion on the Normandy Beaches on June 6th, 1944. Been watching some programs about it today on the National Geographic Channel also. Hope to tie in my next update of the website into D-Day somehow. Several new galleries were uploaded to the website in the early hours of this morning.
As I have not done an update for several days here goes. Bearing in mind also that I am still on holiday and spent a good bit of it so far either on the pc or sat relaxing in front of the telly doing very little. On Monday I bought some epoxy glue from Dave Hewins shop to attempt to stick the leg on my mini-tripod on though I did not stick it back on till Tuesday.

Monday night at the club there were several games on:
Mark Alcock and Paul Robinson as the French against Dave Hewins on the Anglo-Spanish side in an 1809 25mm Napoleonic game;
Andy Hamilton and Tony Walmsley playing 15mm Seven Years War;
Martin Buck and Ron Skeet playing a 20mm WW2 Skirmish game using the Nuts! rules from Two Hour Wargames;
Myself, Dave Tuck and Steve Mercer playing 15mm American Civil War. This time Steve and myself were on the Union side with Dave as the Confederates. The scenario was based on an actual battle: The Battle of Greenbrier River in Virginia 1861. The result of our game had pretty much the same result - inconclusive.
I was only able to take photos of our 15mm ACW game and the 25mm Napoleonic game downstairs. Here are some of those photos from Monday.

Dave Tuck's Confederates in cover at the Start of the game.

The Union men near the River belong to myself though Steve did let me borrow some of his to make up the 2 brigades between us. The Union figures in the foreground belong to Steve. All the Union figures came in at one spot on the table and were attacking the Confederates.

Paul Robinson's 25mm Napoleonic French with a mounted General up front.

The best photo I took on Monday Night. I have seen all the others and this is the best one. Dave Hewin's Dragoons. I think they're British, judging by the red on the uniform. Took a photo similar to this at Partizan.

On Monday Night also Dave Tuck bought me a mini-tripod which unfortunately didn't last very long. All I did was screw the camera into the top. Had to do it tight as usual so the camera wouldn't move. Didn't expect it to fall apart on me. Apologised and gave the tripod back to Dave. Intend to get a new mini-tripod either rubber or metal before Saturday. Received a few emails which I replied to from Neil Whitmore of Durham Wargames Group who was checking if I got his directions to the venue on TMP. Neil also sent me a map.

On Monday I used a sunbed for the first time for 6 mins then 8 mins yesterday. Did not go today. Paid for a course of 80 mins on Tuesday which can be used anytime. It cost me £25 which I checked to see if I had before I did it. I seem to be getting slightly redder slowly which means any tan may not show up for weeks. Am off again tomorrow and friday. Thing is though because I always put sun cream on, when I leave the tanning place down Alexandra Road I come out smelling like I've had a bath in coconut oil!

Tuesday night was basically going to the club to take more photos of their games which this week was a game of Warhammer 40K, Battletech and many of them playing the 2nd game in their Blood Bowl League. Did write it all down but lost it. Hope that piece of paper is still at the club. The photos came out really good. Tried the white balance on my camera on Auto for once which meant I didn't have to worry to much about the lighting.

Today I started tidying up my front room. Stuff piles up after a while: Newspapers, letters, Magazines etc. Got a lot of it done. Will finish it tomorrow. Whilst doing it I came across a large pile of Fitness magazines I have some interest in - I am interested in trying to keep and stay healthy and a large pile of Maxims I forgot I had. These of course not only had their supplements but a Maxim 2007 Calendar I didn't know I had. Maxim of course has loads of pics of gorgeous women in it. Put most of these magazines away except for the latest issues. The Maxim Calendar is now on my wall and is sight for sore eyes to say the least (Ahem).

Will go away now and submit my latest update to TMP.

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Grimsby Mariner said...

Those British dragoons are the famous "Scots Greys" more properly know at the time as the 2nd Dragoons (Royal North British Dragoons being given in 1707 then changing to the numbered regiment in 1713). The nickname became official in 1877 when they were known as the 2nd Royal North British (Scot's Grey) Dragoons.