Thursday, 7 June 2007

To Boldly Go Somewhere Else

Tonight I had planned to go to the Star Trek CCG Tourny at the club had it not been from a phone call from my mate Andy, who needed my help sorting his pc's out and installing software. Apart from the fact I had the software he needed, doing such things is one thing I am better at than him. I also had some spare blank CD's and DVD's handy. So I abandoned the tourny and went to Andy's for a few hours this evening instead. It didn't all get done so I am going tomorrow afternoon. Hope there was enough for the tourny. I did email Mark to let him know I wasn't coming.

Didn't make it to the sunbed today. Am determined to make it tomorrow. Bought a new Tripod for my camera today. Bigger and stronger than the other one. The other one still has its uses such as being able to go on a wargames tables and get in close and low so will still be keeping it. This tripod has more maneuverability with a head that can go up and down, being able to turn 360 degrees. It extends into 8 sections to a decent height so should be able to take decent photos of aerial shots, overviews of games tables and take shots of games rooms, being able to look down and take photos of figures at various angles from a height etc. It cost me £15 from Maplins. Click here to view the exact tripod on the maplins website. Not got used to the legs yet but it will be tested at Durham this weekend. Having a decent tripod goes some of the way to help me produce really good photos generally, for the club and website.

Surprise! We were on TMP again. Well thats never happened before has it? :) The news item can be found at:

The batteries for my MP3 player, which hasn't been used in ages, are being charged up as I speak. It will give me something to listen to on the train. After that my camera batteries will be charged up. Tomorrow will be busy as I will be preparing for my trip to Durham, sorting out Andy's pc's, shopping and of course it is Payday tomorrow too.

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