Sunday, 10 June 2007

Just An Update on The Weekend

Apologies for not posting anything since Thursday. I have been busy, rather tired also as well as not getting a huge amount of sleep and back to work today. Also yesterday at Durham was not only enjoyable it was an incredibly long day. I will post a fuller update on my Durham trip in the next few days. Took loads of photos as usual and not been through them all though most came out really well. In the day it also included chatting to Duncan Mcfarlane of Wargames Illustrated; Neil Whitmore the secretary of the Durham Wargames Club who had emailed me before the event; Nigel, a former member of our club now living there and a member of their club and Steve Spence, who is a sort of Honorable ex-member of their club but also a member of ours and currently living in grimsby; Tony Barr of ERM, another familiar face; The Flames of War lads; One of the lads from Command Post who I recognized from Partizan. My favourite highlight had to be meeting and Chatting to Andy Copestake of Old Glory who had put on a 40mm American Civil War game. While there I also bought a new ruleset that I had enjoyed playing at the club but never had a copy of the rules of - Blitzkrieg Commander.

As for Thursday night spent several hours at my friend Andy's house sorting out his pc's. Because there was a lot to do I went friday night for 5 hours to do some more. I was up at 4am on Saturday to catch my train at 06.26 and arrived back in grimsby for 8.50pm. I am now bunged up and full of cold, with a little hayfever but never mind.

Club as usual tomorrow night and looking forward to hopefully joining in a World War 1 game and also looking forward to seeing Paul's figures in action. I know Paul has also been feeling a bit under the weather recently.

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