Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Keeping Out The Cold

Yesterday was a really bad day. Had a thumping headache, could hardly breathe, struggled to keep my eyes open, bunged up and sneezing a lot and blowing my nose every 5 mins. I may as well have been in the twilight zone. Felt that bad I didn't go to the club last night. Instead I was in bed for 7pm, shockingly early for me. Woke up several times during the night the first time being half past midnight. Bit of a rough night but did get a decent amount of sleep. Shame I missed the World War 1 game last night at the club but I'm sure there will be another opportunity.

Had a lemsip this morning which helped me feel a bit more human. Able to breath better and didn't feel too tired. Didn't blow my nose too much either though I still coughed hard occasionally. I was aching everywhere when I woke up this morning though but compared to yesterday today was really nice.

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