Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Photos For Hire?

Today I didn't do much at all though I meant to. Been either laid on the bed or sat in the chair in the front room watching telly and full of cold. Slight rumble of thunder earlier. It rained all day. It still is raining. Sniffing and sneezing everywhere again. Coughing really hard a lot more frequently now. Gotta hit that lemsip a lot more. Gives me some relief.

Emailed Henry Hyde to ask if he was interested in an article with photos from the Durham Wargames Show and to ask him to let me know either way whether he may use my photos or not from Partizan. He is not using my Partizan photos this time and is not interested in the Durham article as it would be more suited to a monthly magazine. Thanked him afterwards for at least letting me know.

Been looking a bit into .mobi domains name today. They can be viewed on the net but they are designed mainly for viewing on mobile devices. As I am planning to buy a large amount of domain names for other projects, I may buy a .mobi name in there too. The Grimsby Wargames Society website on a mobile might be an interesting idea and experiment. There are other .mobi sites but not many to do with hobbies etc. Haven't tracked any down to do with wargaming yet. .mobi names are still really new and they were only able to start registering them from last September.

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