Saturday, 12 May 2007

Sonny Goes North

Barry Young (left) with Sonny Jensen (right)Had not really felt like posting these past few days. Been quite busy and been more interested in getting a good night's sleep. On Thursday I went to the club as there was a Star Trek CCG 2nd Edition Tournament going on. There is 1 on today also. Sonny Jensen, one of our regular players of Star Trek CCG and Magic the Gathering is leaving for a new job soon in Stockport near Manchester. We all know Sonny quite well and wish him good luck. He will still be coming back for the occasional tournament and we have his email address so we will not lose contact.
The Tournament went on for 3 rounds. To mine and Stuart's surprise, I beat him 100-35 points (Full win) with the cardassian deck I had borrowed off Mark. It may not happen again. Both Stuart and Sonny are really hard to beat and always have Ace decks. In fact they are 2 of the best players in the country. I think Sonny won this tournament. It's usually either Sonny or Stuart so no surprise there then. This time I took some photos of the tournament. In the above photo, Barry Young, another regular is left on the photo with Sonny Jensen, on the right, in the Adidas top.

Mark's Deck's and Deck boxes

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Anonymous said...


I read your blog this morning and enjoyed it. I have been gaming 45 years and it is nice to read of someone just starting up. You have a real skill with the camera.

Please pass my good wishes onto Paul at the club looking forward to seeing him at Newark soon.

best wishes
John Preece