Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Short Update

I left around 4.35pm for my dentist appointment. According to one of the google maps I looked at before going to work, Medimatch (NHS) was at the top of Victor Street somewhere. It was the first place I went to. When it wasnt there, I biked down some more of Cleethorpe Road - towards the top of Freeman Street. So I biked back down there again, turned into Humber Street and went back towards the flyover. It's less hassle that way. I had realised it was not down that end but maybe the other end, past the evening telegraph and railway lines. Headed back down Railway Street, over the railway bridge, up King Edward Street - towards the flyover - and turned left at the top as a guess and continued searching for it. Then there it was. I had spent about half an hour looking for it and it was nearly 5pm by then - when it closed. I managed to get in to reception and make another appointment explaining that I had got lost on the way there. I know at least where it is for next time. Next appointment is next Wednesday.

In the end my friend didn't come round. He told me a few days ago he'd probably be tired anyway and it was raining. He doesn't like venturing out when it's wet. So started watching my Babylon 5 again - from Season 2. Haven't got Season 1 and 5 yet. Just 2,3, and 4. Watched every episode plus repeats when it was on the telly and watched my DVD's at least twice. Was in a B5 mood. While doing that, I got back to my painting. Those White Horses got another 2 coats of paint while one of the horses got painted blood red as suggested by Paul (above). Once these 3 horses are the colour I want them, I will start on the 2 black horses. 1 of the black horses will stay black and I may make the other grey. Once all horses are painted the colour I want, I will start painting the detail on all of them.

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