Tuesday, 8 May 2007

TMP Feedback

It is the first time I have submitted to TMP but will definitely do so again. I consider this first attempt quite successful. There were only a few comments but all complimentary and all about Steve Mercer's ships. At time of writing our news item had received 598 hits and 6 comments. The other news entries on 8th May 2007 did not individually receive that many hits. A Wizards of the Coast item came close with just over 400 hits. We were also the first news item on TMP on the 8th. Don't know what anyone else thinks but I am happy with the result. The url is http://theminiaturespage.com/news/471367/

News items stay on TMP for several days so it may receive more hits by the weekend. Think Steve Mercer would be happy with the feedback. Anyway doing overtime tomorrow followed by Dentist, friend coming round then hopefully back to painting my figures.

1 comment:

MakeReady! said...


Thanks for your comment on my site.

I'd actually already had the chance to enjoy your club's reports on the Battle of Almanza even before you brought them to my attention :-)

You guys have some nice painters.

Thanks! I also enjoy the WSS, but am more a fan of Eugen than Galway ;-)