Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Update On The Past Few Days

Watched Doctor Who and Doctor Who Confidential on Saturday. It was excellent though it doesn't look good for the Doctor at the minute. It's down to the lovely Martha to try to put things right. I'm sure the Doctor will sort it out eventually but he will need some help. John Simm as The Master was great. He was not taking anything seriously. Had some great one-liners. The Baddies always do. Looking forward to this Saturday.

On Sunday night I emailed Steve Spence the photos of his Durham game. He replied the following day to say he thought they were superb and could he use them on his website, to which I said yes. Also managed to get his website address. When he does put them up I will put a link to it from this blog. I still intend to do a full gallery of the Durham Show soon.

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