Thursday, 28 June 2007

Wargames Photos from Monday 18th June 2007

I said in my previous post I would post today photos that I took at the club on Monday 18th June 2007. Normally I would either post them the same night or a day later but with my cold which has been making me feel like not doing a lot at all, busy at work as well as being slightly distracted by my present problems there, those photos as well as the ones I took at Durham had fallen by the wayside. I haven't even done any of my other photos even in a picasa gallery as on our website. So, here goes.

There were a few games going on that night. Did not take any photos of Tony Walmsley's 15mm Seven Years War as had done some in the past. The games I did take photos of were:
20mm WW2 Rapid Fire! game with Tony Crute and Steve Graham;
15mm Colonials between Dave Tuck and Dave Hewins;
20mm? World War 1 game between Mark Alcock and Paul Robinson. Paul was using Andy Sharpe's British on this occasion. They used the "schwerpunkt" rules. The game was played on our large table downstairs.

First up then are the photos I took of the World War 1 game.

A Close up of one of Andy Sharpe's WW1 British Soldiers. Andy painted and based all his figures.

WW1 Germans attacking the British position in the Village.

Close up of Mark's WW1 Germans. Mark's Germans were painted and based by Joe Dunn, our resident professional figure painter. This photo was cropped to focus on the German figures.

British eye view of the German Attack from the Village.

Overview into the Centre of the table at Dave Hewins 15mm Colonial figures.

The Colonial Fort and Canal.

Close up of some of Dave Tuck's 15mm Colonial Figures. "Fuzzy Wuzzies" I think.

Overview of some of the scenery in Steve Graham and Tony Crute's 20mm WW2 game using the Rapid Fire 2! rules.

Steve's 20mm Shermans. As someone who used to play Allies in WW2 and maybe will do again someday, I know that Shermans would be easy mincemeat for this next tank....

Tony Crute's 20mm Kingtiger. Looks awesome, doesn't it? All the figures at the club as usual are excellently well painted. The full collection of photos from these games will be galleried on the website within the next month or so.

As I am about to finally prepare my Durham display for which I am also overdue, I will post photos from the Durham show this Saturday. Not till I've watched Doctor Who first though.

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Steve said...

Fantastic photo's - especially like the one of the Colonial game (with the infantry squares)... well done..