Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Rapid Fire!

Have also decided to put up the Rapid Fire! photos that were given to me on that disc plus the ones I took of Steve Graham and Tony Crute's game using RF in the next few weeks. Determined to get back to the website tomorrow. Must pay some bills as so far I have accidentally left them a bit late.

Been following the news footage of the floods in the UK over the past few days which has been terrible to watch with entire communities including businesses being devastated by them, having no clean or running water, no power, damage to their homes. The Government better give them all the aid they need to get back on their feet and respond quicker. The most tragic story I heard was of the pregnant woman in one of the flooded areas being airlifted to safety though things seemed ok to then hear it was hours later she lost both babies she was carrying. I am sure the emergency services are doing the best they can.

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