Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

It was my 35th Birthday today. It was a nice day. Didn't do a lot. Andy and Chris came round to do a little concreting and gave me Andy's present too. Andy bought me the box set of the 28 days later/28 weeks later zombie horror movies. Not seen the first one for ages and never seen the 2nd at all. The 2nd one only recently came out. Unfortunately my main DVD player needs replacing so reserved one online from Argos. Will pick it up tomorrow. Hope to watch them in the next few days.

Tonight I went to college. Franklin College. Last week I enrolled on a Clait Certificate for computing. It covers Access, Excel, Microsoft Word and others. Can do most of that with my eyes closed. However I will gain a more up to date and recent qualification on it from this course. I do have qualifications anyway but they are about a decade old. I know I can do this course quite easily. Some things though may catch me out despite that. There are many things that I will need to do, that I know how to do but forgotten how to do them. It will therefore also act as a refresher course. The first session went quite nicely tonight. It's also good to be out doing something new and meeting new people.

As its my Birthday, I'll put some nice music on here. Huge Queen fan even now. Decided to put on one of my favourite Pink Floyd songs on instead. Been a floyd fan for years too. The song is Learning To Fly - the live version from the Delicate Sound of Thunder Album. My fave live version of the song. Enjoy.

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