Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Update On Back Garden

It has been many days since I last posted here. We have all been busy in the back garden: myself, Karl, Chris and Sara. Karl building the walls with assistance from Chris. After Karl did his bit we all mucked in to make sure the garden got done, sorry prepared for the next stage. The next stage being removing all the soil for it soon to be replaced with gravel. For the past few days, including today, we have been digging it up and bagging it to go to the tip. It is best I let the photos I took of our progress tell the story.

On Monday I went to the club. I did not play but took photos of both games that were being played. The 2 games that were being played were a 20mm WW2 game using Rapid Fire! 2 between Andy Bruce and Mal Taylor. Mal has some of his figures and tanks in the rulebook to say the least. It was really nice to see him back after a long period away from the club. The other game was a refight of a battle from 1708, scenario taken from Miniature Wargames #112. Mark Alcock and Ron Skeet were the British whilst Paul Robinson and Tony Walmsley were the French.
Below are the photos which show the progress of the garden to date.

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