Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Return to Partizan/Mollwitz

Been busyish over the past few weeks. Helping out with the garden where I could. We got the gravel in. More photos of that to come. As mentioned in a previous post, I was going to get some websites off Andy, which I now have done. Those websites I have been busy getting setup, still am. They number more than 40 and there is a huge amount to do. The Grimsby Wargames Society website has also moved servers in the past few days, more links are being added to that too. Overdue to put more up to date photos on it which will be done in the next few weeks. To start my reappearance back on the scene, I thought I'd begin by putting up all the good/best photos that I took from all the shows I went to this year. Mainly Durham and Partizan. Doing a bit each day. Signed up to an online photo album, which can slideshow them. All I have to do is a title, description, the odd caption and upload them. Saves me some time and they look good.
Today I started with the best/good photos that I took of the Mollwitz refight from Partizan by the Wargamers who were the Battlegames crew of Henry Hyde, Stuart Asquith, John Preece, Charles S Grant Jnr and Phil Olley. Will add a link for the entire collection on the wargames site along with the usual publicity once Partizan has been fully uploaded. Next up is Bill Gaskins display game. There are some on the website but they are not the full collection. Only myself and Henry Hyde have seen the lot.
Once the show stuff has been up for a few weeks, I will return to the normal club photos. Watch this space. Click on a photo below to view the Mollwitz photos.

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