Monday, 3 September 2007

Rubble Removal

Up at 8.15am. There were Andy and Chris, waiting for the skip to arrive. Andy's girlfriend came later to wait also. In the meantime I waited in the front room for a knock at the door and decided to sort through my wargames magazines to see which ones I really wanted to keep. Mainly being Wargames Illustrated with issues relevant to the club, in particular, Colin and Rapid Fire!, Richard Marsh, the odd issue or two which had articles in them by Donald Featherstone.
When the skip did arrive, I helped them get all the rubble into the skip. The old wall near the alleyway was also being demolished at this time. Unfortunately while Chris was throwing some bricks into a wheelbarrow next to me, which I was then to put in another container to take to the skip, one of his bricks hit my right hand at speed. It hurt. A small wound on my index finger appeared with approximately an inch of skin being taken off it. Later I ended up going to the pharmacy at Chantry Lane looking for a plaster but ended up buying surgical tape and dressing for it.

Had to then leave them for several hours. I was really surprised when I got back by which time they had gone. They had managed to get all the rubble into the skip which was overflowing. Didn't think there'd be enough room. The bricks had arrived for the remainder of the wall building. Had waited hours for them on Saturday afternoon. See the photos below to see the result of this days work.

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Oscar1986 said...

I demolished brick wall before, it was not fun:(