Monday, 8 October 2007

HUGE Renaissance Game Tonight!

When I arrived there was this HUGE game on on the 18ft table downstairs. No games went on upstairs at all. It was Muscovites v Poles 25mm Renaissance using Dave Tuck's Muscovites and Steve Mercer's Poles.
On the Muscovite side there was Dave Tuck, Andy Hamilton and Joe Dunn - unsually playing on a monday night. The Poles were Steve Mercer, John Ogden and Jase Whitfield. Mark Alcock was watching in a "consulting" capacity to Joe Dunn, who he was helping with the rules and movements. Paul Robinson dropped in. Andy Sharpe was just watching as I was, taking photos of games as normal. The Armati rule set was used for this game.
Not going to tell you who won till the end of this post. It was a really good game.

Polish Band Before I begin, here is a photo of Steve's Polish Band. Lovely figures. Don't know what happened to these figures in the game but you can hardly defend yourself with drumsticks.

Table Overview Overview of the table at least half way through the game. Muscovites on the left with Dave Tuck being immediate left. By this time there had been quite a few casualties on both sides.

Charge!! Jase Whitfield's Poles on the attack after Dave's Muscovites. Charge!!

Polish Field Guns Some of the polish field guns/artillery. Under the command of John Ogden.

Cavalry Charging Steve's Polish Cavalry charging. They are on horses so they appear to be cavalry. They may be dragoons. From their uniform though they look more like knights.

Poles on the Move Some more Poles under Jase's command coming over the hill. They just kept coming.

In Melee Some of Dave's Muscovites in Melee.

Muscovites in Silly hats Muscovites in silly hats under Andy Hamilton's command. These ones appear to be standing their ground.

Muscovites occupying the farmhouse Dave's Musovites occupying the farmhouse. Its a bit crowded in there.

Can you guess which one isn't Genghis Khan? Some more of Dave's Muscovites. Reminded me of Genghis Khan for some reason. It's those silly hats and uniform.

Just to let you know, the Pesky Poles won again. Apparently they have won more games than the Muscovites have. Don't mean to rub it in Dave.
The figures were excellent, colourful and brilliantly painted as always. Great Eye Candy. Nice scale to play with.

Before leaving Dave asked me if I wanted to join in a game of AWI next week. AWI for the historically challenged is the American War of Independence. It took place years before the American Civil War. Not sure of exact date but I am historically challenged. I said yes of course so I am looking forward to that. It too will be fought in 25mm. Hope to get photos of all the games on next week.

At the moment I am busy trying to maintain 45 websites including the club website which is not easy. Links etc which is time consuming. Acquired another site the other day which went live tonight. Will upload more show photos in the next few days.

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Grimsby Mariner said...

The guys in mail on horseback are Pancerni - a staple troop type in Polish armies.