Tuesday, 16 October 2007

World War 1 and The AWI

2 good games last night: 25mm American War of Independence and another Great War game downstairs. I joined in the AWI game. Took photos of both which came out quite well.
In the AWI game there was myself and Ron Skeet as the Yanks while Dave Tuck and Jason Whitfield were the British. All figures belonging to Dave Tuck.
Downstairs in the World War 1 game there was Andy Sharp, Joe Dunn, Mark Alcock on one side with Paul Robinson, Andy Hamilton and John Ogden on the other. I only knew what I was told and some bits I read from Paul's blog, being busy with my game. Apparently the plane in the game belonged to Andy Sharp, the French to Joe Dunn, The British also belonged to Andy Sharp on his side of the table. Paul had brought his figures - the Doughboys - though when I saw Paul's figures they were all occupying a wood and it was mighty dark in there. The wood I mean. Many of the British on Andy Hamilton's side belonged to him though some of the figures were also John's. As usual, they were playing the Schwerpunkt rules. The British Tank on the table belonged to Andy Hamilton. Mark had brought his German's which had been painted by Joe Dunn.
As for my AWI game, we were just managing to hold out by the time the game ended but we were losing. The Yanks were in defence. Losing our Cavalry early on although we did kill 2 british was not great. I was mainly under Ron's command. We did do some attacking which mostly did a little damage at a time. Ron was holding out better on the left flank most of the game though his position had begun severely weakening before the end with nothing to stop the British in the center. I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed as the game neared to its end with very few of my forces left whilst the British marched forward towards me with very little to stop them. It was a good fun game using the All the King's Men Rules. What surprised me most was the amount of dice I was throwing in 1 go - mainly 16 most of the time! Even more shocking I was throwing a decent amount of 6's.

Andy Hamilton's British Tank Andy Hamilton's British WW1 Tank. What a great model, don't you think?

Mortar Crew One of either Andy Hamilton's or John Ogden's men. Mortar crew and very nice figures they are too.

British entering village Some of Andy Hamilton's British sneaking in.

British soldiers in the undergrowth British Soldiers in the Undergrowth. Andy Hamilton and John Ogden's men. Andy's Tank in the background.

Some of the British, sorry, scottish. Notice the soldier with bagpipes on the left.

Some of the British under Dave Tuck's command. It's unusually rather dark on this photo but it does make a good black background to put the figures against.

British under Jase Whitfield's command.

Some Yanks under Ron's command in their defensive position behind a fence.

Yanks under my command grouped or clumped together on a hill standing by for action.

Ron's Artillery. Yes Ron had the big guns and they did get some use. These are really nice figures.

All in all, both games were good and the club night belonged totally to the British.

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