Sunday, 21 October 2007

Really Disappointing Result

I am really disappointed that we didn't win though it was great we made it to the final. 15-6 score to South Africa. We made several mistakes early on in the game practically giving points away to them. It was still quite a good performance from England but not quite able to match South Africa. All the points we won were down to the excellent Johnny Wilkinson and the penalties he took. Thought that first penalty shot was brilliant. If it weren't for him we would have had zero points. Unfortunately no more points were scored on our side. There was a close one with that Matthew Tait which to me looked like we should have got the points for that but they decided against it.
Think England still gave South Africa a good match but I think the Africans put in a better performance sorry to say. You could tell by looking at Johnny Wilkinson's face at the end how unhappy he was about it.
I thoroughly enjoyed the match and I am not accustomed to watching Rugby.
We'll take that title back again next time.

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