Sunday, 21 October 2007

A Year In Photography

I'd hope some members of the Grimsby Wargames Society that compared to last year my photos have improved considerably. I think so. They are not perfect by any means but the photos I took last year look terrible compared to how they look now. I am still trying to develop my artistic eye as suggested by Henry Hyde who also offered other constructive criticisms on my photos. In particular, making sure the subject at the front of the photo is in focus which I seem to have managed to do. My shots I think have become more artistic though it is hard to keep it like that. Not all my shots have looked even slightly artistic which is a skill I am still after.

Over the past few days I have added Joe's Photostream link to this blog, the galleries and members websites page on the main website. Also bought and started reading issue 1 of Battlegames that Henry made available as a pdf. Continued searching through all the wargaming binders I have got of Wargames Illustrated and Miniature Wargames looking for any article and/or photos by members of the club and I found a large pile. I know that what I have found is probably scratching the surface. Looking through those for the article I plan to write for the website. Announced I was going to do it on TMP months ago.

After the comment Joe made to me about having mainly my photos on the website, which is true, it is mainly mine, had a rethink. My plan was to go sort out my wargaming show photos then get back to our game photos at the club done by everybody which is still my plan. Then I thought, why don't I make it easy for all of us? Why don't I just find a way for all to upload to our photos to the main website? All members would have to do is register and upload, like a forum, but just for photos. So I have. For some time now I have known of some software that could produce photo galleries for websites but never got round to looking at it properly called Coppermine. Today I installed it on the website. It's not completely configured yet. There is still much tweaking to be done. Adding a php forum to it is my next trick after getting it how I want it. Mainly designed for just members of the Grimsby Wargames Society in mind, it is open to anyone. Don't want to exclude other wargamers from posting their pics and joining in with us.
Any members reading this post please sign up and upload. Beware that it is not completely configured but it does work. The look will change over the next few weeks.
This is how I intend to revamp the galleries on the website allowing members to just login and upload their photos themselves. Old photos will slowly be transferred to the new gallery. It can be found at:

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