Monday, 22 October 2007

A Flying Visit

Only paid a flying visit to the club tonight which I went so late approx 8.45pm. There were 2 games going on: 25mm Victoriana using Legends of the Old West rules, between Andy Hamilton and Joe Dunn using their own figures. Mark Alcock was overseeing the situation;
HUGE WW2 game on the 18 foot table downstairs using the Blitzkrieg Commander Rules. The British, using Steve Mercer's figures, were Steve Mercer, Jase Whitfield and Dave Hewins. The Germans were Dave Tuck and Ron Skeet using Dave Tuck's figures. Desert Terrain again. Not quite sure who was winning the WW2 game when I left but I think Andy Hamilton won the Victoriana game.
Took a few photos as usual. Only a few will be put on this blog with the rest of them to be put on our new wargames galleries which I installed yesterday and still configuring.

Victoriana Joe and Andy's figures skirmishing. Not sure who's figures are whose.

Smoking Spitfire One of Steve Mercer's planes smoking quite a bit. It's a spitfire I think.

View down the British Line Birds eye view of the British Line.

Close up of a german tank Close up of a german tank, under Ron's command.

Some more of Dave Tuck's Tanks Some more of Dave Tuck's Tanks, Panzers, specifically. Don't ask me which ones. At this moment in time my tank recognition abilities are almost non-existent.

Discussed the new galleries with Martin Buck who suggested putting restrictions on them. The idea is that the members photos galleries get passworded so that only those with the password can upload to them, which is a great idea. I have to look a bit more into it as it may turn out that the albums can be passworded so that only those with password can view them, which will defeat the object if that is the case as we want everybody to see all the photos.
In the next day or so all of tonights pics will be uploaded to the new galleries. Ignoring all this technical talk each member will have to login and register to use it but it should be easier after that. Recommend everyone using it resize their photos to 640 X 480 before uploading.
Once again the new galleries are at:

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