Saturday, 10 November 2007

HUGE AWI Game on Fireworks Night!

We had a great game at the club on Fireworks night at the club on November 5th 2007. Sorry it took so long to report back on it. Along with other things recently on my mind, my continuing course at Franklin College on Wednesdays and the fact that I've been getting out recently having some late nights/early mornings drinking at cleethorpes followed by a subsequent hungover meant that I did not get anything on the blog for some time. The photos from the AWI game were posted on the website within a few days in our AWI album, though I will still preview some of them here. The AWI album can be found here:

Rules used were the All the Kings Men rules which can be found here: which are designed for 54mm. We adapted the rules for 25mm/28mm figures as you can tell in our game. It was the 2nd time at the club we had played with these rules.

Participating in the game which was using figures belonging to Dave Tuck were:
Dave Tuck, myself (American right flank); Andy Hamilton, Ron Skeet (American left flank);
Joe Dunn, Mark Alcock (British left flank); Paul Robinson, Dave Hewins (British right flank).

General Dave or one of Dave Tuck's American Generals. As always, I love the detail on these figures.

Some more American's under Dave Tuck's command on the right flank.

British Cavalry then commanded by Joe Dunn.

British Infantry then commanded by Paul Robinson.

Cavalry Melee on the American right flank.

View of the game over half way through from center to left flanks on both sides. Each flank was played independently of one another which is why each side had its own deck of cards. Each red card meant it was the Americans go, Black meant it was the British go. Using all the cards up meant 1 turn had passed. Each card also had its own set of instructions on it.
The result: The Americans won but only because the British had suffered several more units of casualties than the Americans had. My dice throwing was decent for once though I was just throwing average scores. Makes a change as my dice throwing is usually below average. For quite some time it meant we didnt get any casualties on my men.
Dropping by to watch during the game were: John Ogden, Jase Whitfield and Andy Sharpe. Think they've got another ww1 game planned next week. If you've been reading my blog and especially Paul's blog at you'll know that WW1 is very popular at the club at the moment since just after Partizan in May.

Referring to my course at Franklin college on Wednesdays, we have a "mock" exam coming soon for our CLAIT course. We were given some homework to do though we don't have to. A few things are still catching me out, only minor things that practice can put right so I am going to do some of it. Our exam is on November 28th. Bought a flash drive from Argos for a £10 mainly for the course but its good for anything really. £10 for a 1GB. Not bad.

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