Friday, 16 November 2007

WW1 German Efficiency

Achtung! Been meaning to post this for days. Went to the club monday night, paid a flying visit yet again and took some photos. There were 2 games going on: Naval game using the Close Signal Action rules between Steve Mercer, Dave Tuck, Andy Hamilton taking scores with other members Ron Skeet, Andy Sharpe watching. Downstairs was a WW1 game using the Schwerpunkt rules again (well, they are quite good). Playing in the WW1 game were Mark Alcock, Jase Whitfield, Joe Dunn and John Ogden. Mark with his germans which were painted by Joe, Joe with his french painted by himself of course, John with his own figures which he painted. Think Jase was using Mark's figures. It is also my understanding that the germans got the first blood and appeared to be winning.
Below is a handful of the photos I took of the WW1 game. I will be posting them here first before uploading them to the galleries in the next few days.

John's British engaging in battle against a german in cover.

Joe Dunn's French Infantry. Last time I saw Joe's French they were crawling on their bellies. Not this time.

Portrait of the French advancing on Germans hiding behind the hedges.

A German and French soldier playing Hide and Seek.

Some of John Ogden's British chaps.

There is a total of 12 photos I produced from this game. Some of my better WW1 wargame shots anyway. Was able to get a bit closer to the figures.
Dave Tuck gave me his flash drive of all the photos he had taken to put in the galleries. Got it home. There were approx 121 in total over several different periods. Uploaded to the galleries his AWI and ACW Naval pics so far. Need to resize the rest before uploading. The galleries handle it better that way.

At Franklin college on Wednesday as soon as I got there we were all set a practice assignment, which was similar to what we had done before. The difference was that we had to do it as if we were under exam conditions. We were also given another one to do. Managed to complete both in just under 2 hours. Finished literally minutes before hometime. Didn't have to rush but wanted to push myself to see how much I could get done within the time limit.

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