Wednesday, 28 November 2007

15mm Napoleonics 19th Nov 2007

Hi all,
Meant to update the blog and this game days ago but with one thing or another never got round to it. Also having a few severe problems in the real world that may hopefully be resolved soon. Such things can be distracting.
Anyway here is my report of the games that took place on 19th Nov 2007 at the club. That night there was only 1 big game going on the 18 foot table downstairs. Playing were Mark Alcock, Jase Whitfield and John Ogden. All figures used were provided by Dave Tuck for this 15mm Napoleonic Game. Jase and John were the Anglo-Saxons and Mark was...actually I've forgotten. They may have been Prussian. Slipped my mind for the moment. Took photos of the game as always. The full collection will be uploaded to our main website soon but here are some previews.

Overview of the 15mm Napoleonic game.

Some British (Anglo-Saxons).

Some Prussians? surrounding a village house. Or are they French? Both always seem to wear silly hats.

Both sides engaging in battle.

Upstairs that night Andy Hamilton and Mal Taylor had began building some new WW1 Terrain for the club. Never seen any of Andy's Terrain before but if his figures are anything to go by the terrain will be top notch and well painted. Mal's figures and painting are superb. He has built many of the terrain boards for the club, my favourite being the Normandy board he built with Danny Malone. It's used a lot these days for the WW1 games.
The terrain they began building is based on photos from another website that look great. The terrain will be loosely based on terrain based on photos from the Great War Miniatures website, which can be found here:

The new boards will look similar to this:

You should check out the Great War Miniatures site out properly, especially if you like WW1. I just did and I think it's really good.

I went to the club on Monday where there was quite a lot going on including:
Joe Dunn and Martin Buck playing a game of Pulp 45;
Dave Tuck, Dave Hewins and Tony Walmsley playing 15mm Seven Years War;
Mal Taylor and Andy Hamilton playing WW1 with Schwerpunkt rules;
Jase Whitfield, Paul Robinson, John Ogden and Mark Alcock playing a WW1 card game called "Wings of War" which I think you can buy from Caliver books. Later on they played a card game called "Iliad" which seemed to be a game between the Greeks and Hoplites. Will post the photos I took that day in the next day or so.

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