Wednesday, 28 November 2007

WW1 Swarm Madness

Well, there did appear to be loads of British and German figures on the table on Monday night between Mal Taylor and Andy Hamilton in their WW1 game. Will post photos of the other games in the next day or so. Just wanted to concentrate on the WW1 game for this blog. Andy was showing Mal how to play the game using the Schwerpunkt rules.
I managed to get a total of 9 photos from this game of which I will show 4 on the blog. You'll have to go to our Galleries to view the lot when they have been uploaded.

A Close up of Andy Hamilton's British soldiers. They are so detailed not only can you see facial expressions but if you look carefully you will notice there are 3 stripes on their left arms.

A lot of Andy Hamilton's British figures are conversions by himself. Some of his gun crews on this game were conversions. Really good ones too. To see some more of his conversions, go to the Valiant Miniatures website at: There you will see his conversions for the Valiant Miniatures Germans. The Valiant Miniatures figures are designed for use with the Rapid Fire! rules in mind. Rapid Fire! is of course for WW2.

Andy's British occupying a building while the British Mark IV Tank rolls into Town. The Mark IV Tank is from Great War Miniatures.

Close up of German Mortar Crew.

Its a German Swarm! Germans attacking and surrounding the town. Mal was using Mark Alcock's germans which had been painted by Joe Dunn, our resident professional figure painter. Follow the link on the right to see more of Joe's work.

Whilst I was taking photos of the WW1 game Mal brought some figures over for me to take photos of. These figures were 20mm German Paratroopers, for using with the Rapid Fire! rules. Mal is an excellent modeller and painter. Many of Mal's vehicles and figures can be seen in the photos of the Rapid Fire! 2nd edition rulebook by Colin Rumford and Richard Marsh.
Managed to get half a dozen photos out of the figures he brought me to photograph, which were: German Regimental HQ and Medical Unit with vehicle. The photos are below.

Mal's German Paratrooper Regimental HQ. Mal actually chose this terrain board for me to take the photos on.

Aerial View of the Regimental HQ. You can see quite a lot of detail including the map on the table.

The German Medical Support Team. Notice the officer on the left with his trousers down paying a visit whilst reading the paper. Another nice quirky touch from Mal.

Frontal view of the Medical Team. You can clearly see 2 wounded soldiers being attended to who appear to be in a lot of pain.

If you wish to see how a terrain board was constructed by Mal Taylor and Colin Rumford for the Elvington Show in 2004, follow this link:

The disembodied hands apprarently belong to Mal Taylor. Follow the link below to see the Gold Beach demonstration game the terrain board was used in:
There is a photo of Mal Taylor himself at the Elvington Show.

Next post: Remaining games from Monday 26th Nov 2007. It was a busy night you know.

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