Sunday, 30 December 2007

15mm Napoleonics on Saturday 29th December 2007

Before I begin my report of the WSS game that happened a day before, I am giving my small report of the 15mm Napoleonics game that happened the day afterwards at the club on Saturday 29th December 2007.

Playing were Mark Alcock as the French, using his figures, with Jase Whitfield on his side. On the Prussians side were Dave Tuck, using his own figures, ably assisted by John Ogden. Before the game began, as I was not playing, I was asked by Mark to put tokens under the 4 buildings and the wood in the middle of the table. On these tokens were points. The game was played on our 18 foot table downstairs. However, as some players had not turned up so did not get my game, with me feeling a bit under the weather, I left during dinner. As I am typing this I am sniffing like I don't know what and think I've got another cold coming on. Here are some photos I took of the game.

Taken before the game started, with all the figures on the table. This was at approx 10:55am. Prussians on right, French on left.

About 45 minutes in, both forces prepare to clash near the wood.

Prussians under John Ogden's command head towards Mark's French.

A view of the Advancing Prussians under John Ogden's command. Advanced with field guns un-limbered and ready to fire.

A view of Mark's French occupying a Farmhouse.

Advancing French commanded by Jase Whitfield down other end of table.

A view behind the line's of Dave Tuck's Prussians.

Dave Tuck's Prussian Generals.

View of Dave Tuck's Prussian Infantry and occupied building.

French under Jase Whitfield guarding this Farmhouse.

John's Prussians in Cavalry Melee with Mark's French.

The French advanced on the Prussians and quite literally staring down the barrels of the Prussian Field Guns.

John's Prussians and Mark's French clash in the wood.

John's Prussians defending a Church.

The game looked even to me before I left and could have gone either way. Even if one side had seemed to score a decisive victory over the other, the points tokens hidden under the buildings and wood could affect the outcome.

I did think it was nice that I had been requested to bring my camera the day before so that I could take photos of this game.

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