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HUGE WSS Game Friday 28th December 2007 - Part 1

This is my overdue report of the HUGE WSS Game at the club on Friday 28th December 2007, organised by our own Paul Robinson. It was a big game with thousands of figures on the table, lasting just under 5 hours, where photos were taken by myself, Paul and Tony Walmsley.
The game actually started just before 11am. Everyone who arrived before had helped set up the terrain boards. Paul already had a plan set out for how he wanted the terrain, which was followed. Other than Paul himself, there was Jase Whitfield, Mark Alcock, Andy Sharpe and myself. Tony Walmsley joined in after 11am accompanied by his grandson.

After the terrain was set up, some of the French Forces were positioned in their 3 villages on the tabletop. This is one of them. The French had to hold all 3 villages and are expecting reinforcements. The Allied Forces had to try to capture all the villages so that their army could move forward. Rules used were the club's own.

The Other 2 villages on the tabletop. The tabletop had to be extended a few extra feet, making room for more roads. There were 8 entry points onto the board. Allied players had to roll a D4 to determine point of entry. Of course, each point of entry was numbered. Allied player then had to throw 6D6 per turn to determine how many units arrived each turn. You had to score equal to or below a turn number to arrive. You could decide which units you used. After turn 6 you could continue to choose units until all your force was present.

French players had to roll 1D5 each, the highest score being the earliest (in turns) that any unit as reinforcement may arrive. Thereafter they roll 1D10 needing to score equal to less than the move number. If successful they roll 1D6 to determine how many units arrive.

One of the Villages held by the French before any gameplay.

Andy Sharpe's Piedmontese as they began coming on. Andy was in the Allied Forces along with myself and Mark Alcock. The French Forces players were Tony Walmsley and grandson, Paul Robinson and Jase Whitfield.

Jase's French forces under Siege from mine and Andy's Allied Forces. My Allied Forces are bottom right.

Close up of the action as Jase and Andy's Forces start to clash.

Andy Sharpe's Piedmontese Advanced and attacking the Village.

A view of the action going on in Mark's portion of this massive Battlefield. With plenty of activity in the center Mark was sending some of his Allied Forces towards mine. In total Mark had 2 Battalions Elite Foot, 15 Battalions Line Infantry, 3 Squadrons Elite Dutch Horse, 3 Squadrons Elite Danish Horse, 15 Squadrons of Horse, 4 Squadrons of Dragoons and 4 Field Guns for the entire game. Rather a lot.

A view towards the village quite literally from where I was sat at the table. My forces were made up of both Mark's and Paul's figures. I had 1 Battalion Elite Danish Foot, well, Dutch Guard. 4 Battalions Line Infantry. 10 Squadrons Horse and 3 Field Guns. At this time however I had just sent the figures forward the same way they had come on the tabletop which for the Cavalry turned out to be a mistake.

Some of Jase Whitfield's French Reinforcements begin arriving on the tabletop. In total Jase had 1 Battalion Elite, 8 Battalions Line, 20 Squadrons of Horse, 3 Squadrons of Dragoons and 4 Field Guns.

Mark and Paul's forces in a Cavalry Melee. Paul's total forces for this game were 1 Battalion French Guard and 12 Squadrons Elite French Horse.

Andy Sharpe's Allied Piedmontese forces consisted of 1 Battalion Elite, 5 Battalions Line Infantry, 6 Squadrons Horse, 8 Squadrons Dragoons and 1 Field Gun.

With such a large number of photos taken for this game along with the fact there were thousands of figures on the table, this battle report is split into 2 parts and to be continued...

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