Monday, 31 December 2007

HUGE WSS Game Friday 28th December 2007 - Part 2

The fight continues....

Some more of Mark's Allied Infantry heading towards the Center of the Battlefield near my position.

Shortly afterwards it was dinner time, which was at approx 1PM. Not having been able to take any photos of the action between Tony Walmsley, his grandson and Mark's figures with them being the other far end of the table I took the opportunity to do so.

Paul's French Horse Squadrons en route to challenge Mark's Allied Forces. Photo taken during dinner.

Tony Walmsley's forces en route to face Mark's Allied Forces. Photo taken during dinner.

Tony's French and Mark's Allied Infantry facing each other. Another dinnertime shot before gameplay resumed.

With gameplay resumed it now appeared that Paul's French Horse now occupied most of the Center ground and were soon heading towards mine and Mark's position. Mark's Allied Infantry therefore formed a defensive square, with field guns unlimbered, near one of the villages.

By this time also my Infantry had been slowly killed off, though they were also inflicting casualties, combined with low morale meant that most of my Infantry in the frontline ended up routing meaning Infantry behind could not advance. With Paul's French Horse en route, after being unable to successfully stop a previous Cavalry Melee against him, I decided to Charge! his French Horse. I didn't want them coming any further towards me. Note the large amount of French Horse in the background.

It turned out that the French managed to hold on to the Villages. Most of the figures on the table belonged to Paul Robinson. Piedmontese figures by Andy Sharpe whilst the remainder belonged to Mark Alcock. An Order of Battle was produced by Paul for all the players. Including Tony's Grandson that meant a total of 7 players participated in this game. Before I forget here is the breakdown of Tony Walmsley's forces: 12 Battalions Line, 1 Battalion Elite, 12 Squadrons Dragoons and 10 Squadrons Horse.

View of the Battlefield near Mark's position at the end of the game. The game finished approx 3.30PM. Most of us had been here since just before 10am.

End of game shot. Andy Sharpe's Piedmontese on left with Jase Whitfield's French still occupying village on right.

Close up of Jase's French forces in the village at the end of the game.

Another view of Andy Sharpe's Piedmontese in action (on left) at the end of the game.

To conclude, it was a good game which I did enjoy as did we all. Big thanks to Paul Robinson for organising it. I always enjoy taking photos of War of the Spanish Succession figures because they are so detailed and incredibly colourful.

The scenario apparently was loosely based on events in 1707. Don't think the Allied Forces could have won out even if the game had carried on for a bit longer.

Looking forward to 2008 with more games of this kind. Happy New Year.

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