Friday, 14 December 2007

Photos from Mondays Game at the Club

Overdue by several days, here are the photos I took on Monday with my 7 MP digi camera. As always, saved the best for last. I did take photos of the WW1 terrain being built that night but I have decided to put them on a separate post. The game was being played on the 18 foot table downstairs. It was 25mm Renaissance. Playing were Mark Alcock, Jase Whitfield, John Ogden, Steve Mercer, Dave Tuck and Ron Skeet. Took quite a few photos with my camera but as usual I'm not going to show you all of them. Here's 4 that came out really well.

Think these figures here are Dave Tucks. So Colourful.

These figures belong to Steve Mercer. The guys at the back on horses are Generals.

These chaps look good, don't they? These are Mark Alcocks, apparently painted by Steve Mercer. I believe these are jondarmes (Gendarmes?) To the historically challenged, uninformed or non-wargamers, think it's just better to call them Knights.

Some more of Mark's figures, at this time being used by John Ogden. Like the 2 figures at the back: The balding old man on the horse with friend standing nearby.

Mal had brought along with him his scratch built WW1 German Tank. Don't know the technical name. Tank? Took a photo on my mobile. Later I did take some really good photos with my 7 MP monster. Andy Hamilton suggested to me that I could send them to Wargames Illustrated, which after thinking about it, is exactly what I intend to do. Course that then gave me other ideas. Always wanted to try and get either photos/articles in a wargames magazine. So I will not be posting the really good photos of mal's WW1 scratch built WW1 Tank. You'll have to enjoy my mobile shot for the moment.

As I announced on TMP a while ago, I intend to do some sort of Club Bibliography though I don't just want club members to get involved. I want other wargamers and the public to get involved. It occurred to me recently that perhaps making a wiki could be the answer. I will start it off. It's relatively easy to set up and could be integrated with the photo galleries. In another words, you would be able to use the same login for the wiki and galleries. It would be just like the main one at and powered with the same software.

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