Sunday, 16 December 2007

WW1 Terrain Update

As promised, here is the update on the progress of our WW1 Terrain. These shots were taken on Monday and Wednesday nights. I took some on the Wednesday just after I had played a few games of Magic the Gathering at the club. All terrain boards are being made by Andy Hamilton and Mal Taylor.

After cutting through the polystyrene, the sand is added.

Walkways are then added, along with any other features. Mal was working on this one.

The bits on top of the walkways are just pieces there to hold it together while the glue sets. They will not be made into tunnels. Andy Hamilton was working on this one.

Below are the photos I took on Wednesday night. Both Andy and Mal were at the Club, continuing to build the terrain. Progressing nicely. Both Andy and Mal seem to spending several nights a week at the club at the moment creating the terrain.

Anyone not building the terrain, keep your hands off!

Hands off, I said! You can see the walkways being well built up.

All Glued up! Plenty of Glue applied on this board in preparation for the next stage.

Will keep you posted on all developments on the progression of the WW1 Terrain building, along with photos. If you wish to follow its progress from the beginning, click on the link on the right (which I haven't added yet). The link will be: WW1 Terrain Building. I will go back through all past posts on the terrain and tag them, even the mobile ones.

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