Sunday, 2 December 2007

Remaining Games 26th Nov 2007

As promised, here are some of the photos from the other games that were played at the club 0n 26th Nov 2007. Up first, a photo from the game of Pulp .45 between Joe Dunn and Martin Buck.

All figures supplied and painted by Joe Dunn. Figures from Copplestone Castings.

Tony Walmsley's 15mm Seven Years War figures.

Some more of Tony Walmsley's 15mm SYW Figures. Nice, aren't they? The flags look good too.

Tony Walmsley's figures. Dave Hewins was also playing in this game on Tony's side.

Whilst taking photos of the SYW Game, Dave Hewins offered for me to take photos of his 15mm Colonial Dervishers that he had brought with him. So I did. Here are some Dervishers who have got the hump.

Dave Hewins 15mm Dervisher Cavalry.

Dave Hewins Dervisher Infantry invading a village.

More photos were taken of Dave Hewins Dervishers but I will not show them all here. An update on here that is overdue is that on Nov 22nd 2007, I uploaded all my photos of the Durham Wargames Show that took place on 9th June 2007 to our galleries at: then placed an announcement about it on several of the TMP Forums.
Find my forum post here:

All the groups who put on a demo game were told about the photos and where to find them including Old Glory UK, Durham Wargames Group itself and Games of War. Intend to post some of the photos in the Games of War Forum in the next few days. Whilst emailing Neil of the Durham Wargames Group he sent me this little poster which is an advertisement for next years show:

Everybody set their Diaries for June 14th 2008. Will post again nearer the time. Enjoyed last year and hope to go again.


Steve said...

..nice pictures but it looks like the links to the bigger versions are not working???

generalgrant said...

Yes, unfortunately I hadnt quite worked out how to use that workaround code properly on the blog after that strange "bug" concerning images turned up. So unfortunately I still haven't corrected it to make them work.