Monday, 21 January 2008

Big Games from Last Monday (Slightly Overdue)

Sorry everybody. This report is a week late. There were 2 games last week: World War 1 and 2.
I shall cover the WW1 game first. Playing in it using the Schwerpunkt rules as usual were Mark Alcock, Malcolm Taylor, John Ogden, Andy Hamilton and Paul Robinson. Took photos as usual.

Mark German's, painted by our own Joe Dunn, defending their territory with Paul's "Doughboys" in the distance.

John Ogden's British advancing on Mal Taylor's Germans.

Andy Hamilton's Advancing British.

Close up of some of Mal Taylor's German Officers. Excellently painted and modelled as usual by Mal.

Mal Taylor's German defences with John's British advancing.

John Ogden's British Mark IV Tank.

Paul's American "Doughboys" advancing with his french FT17's up front.

Steve Mercer and Dave Tuck had one of their WW2 Desert Terrain games again, using Blitzkrieg Commander and just a couple of planes. They had tanks and infantry too (little joke). With Steve Mercer as the British aided by Jason Whitfield and his legendary higher-than-average dice throwing. Dave Tuck of course as the Germans with some Italian equipment thrown in. Got some photos of those planes also.

Overview of the WW2 Desert Game. The British plane nearest the British side (right) apparently is a P40 Tomahawk.

Dave Tuck's German Motorcycle battalion.

Dave Tuck's Messerschmit plane.

As I got near this plane belonging to Steve Mercer things got rather windy. It wasn't anyone in the room. Why windy? Well, because it's a Hurricane.

Dave Tuck's Italian Machi plane.

Steve Mercer's new Grant Tanks.

Steve Mercer's new 6pdr Portees.

Another one of Steve Mercer's planes. This one is a Boston Bomber, happily dropping some explosive parcels on Dave Tuck's Panzer 3's.

Both games were the first wargames of 2008 at the club. Hope I got it all right chaps.

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