Sunday, 10 February 2008

Wargames 21st Jan 2008

Hi all,
This games report of all games that took place on Monday 21st Jan 2008 is well overdue. Sorry about that. The games that took place were a 15mm Seven Years War game between Steve Mercer and Dave Tuck and a Rapid Fire! game between Mal Taylor and Steve Graham.
Course, took photos as always.
First the 15mm SYW game between Dave Tuck (Prussians) and Steve Mercer (Austrians).

View from the Prussian side of the table.

"Aerial" view of the table. Disembodied hand belongs to Steve Mercer.

Close up of some of Dave Tuck's Prussians.

Some more of Dave's Prussians.

Next was the game of Rapid Fire! 15 shots came out in all so I will only show about half of them. Mal Taylor was British whilst Steve Graham was German.

Steve Graham German Armoured Cars/Half Tracks.

Close up of other of Steve Graham's German equipment and Infantry.

Steve Graham's German Tanks and Infantry in a defensive position.

German Panzer 4's by Steve Graham.
After I viewed all the photos I took of this game, I contacted Mark Piper of the Rapid Fire! 20th Century Wargaming website to see if he was interested in having some of the photos of this game for his website, which he was. I have known Mark Piper since early 2002. Think I was his first contact at the Grimsby Wargames Society. He said he would pick the best of the photos to put up - well, there is a lot. In the meantime however he has been good enough to publish some of them in his recent scenarios. This photo can be found in the "Operation Epsom" scenario which can be downloaded by clicking on here (You will need acrobat reader to view the pdf). Mark Piper has one of his scenarios published in the RF2 rulebook, so considered it a compliment that not only did he like the photos he wanted to put them with his scenarios.

Mal Taylor's invading British tanks.

Some of Mal's Tanks, including Shermans, swooping in.

Mal Taylor's British Brigade Command. Photo is darker than normal as Mal is leaning over. This photo is also in one of Mark Piper's scenarios, "Operation Bluecoat", which can be downloaded here. In this game Mal was attacking whilst Steve Graham was defending. At this point in the game Steve was being overwhelmed by Mal's forces.

More club photos shortly. Finally getting round to updating the blog again, never mind the website.

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