Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Wargames at the Club 4th Feb 2008

Another overdue report. Still catching up chaps. The games that took place on 4th Feb 2008 at the club were:
Poles v Turks 25mm between Steve Mercer and Dave Tuck with myself, Jase Whitfield and Joe Dunn joining in;
AK47 with Martin Buck and Ron Skeet. Was not able to get any pictures of that game unfortunately;
WW1 using the Schwerpunkt rules between Mark Alcock and Paul Robinson.

First up then is the WW1 game between Mark Alcock's Germans, painted by Joe Dunn, and Paul Robinson's American "Doughboys". Took these photos after being virtually exterminated in the game I was playing in downstairs.

Paul's "Doughboys" manning a field gun.

Mark's Germans, painted by Joe Dunn, occupying the forest. Must be autumn.

Paul's FT17's on the move.

Close up of some Paul's "Doughboys"

Mark's Germans, painted by Joe Dunn, in the Town.

Birds eye view of the WW1 game.
Anyone interested in viewing Colour photos from World War 1? Whilst looking through the site the other day I stumbled across a link to some. To view the WW1 photos go to World War One Color They were all taken by French Soldiers.

Overview of the Poles v Turks game before any gameplay. Turks on the left belonging to Dave Tuck. Playing on the Turks side apart from Dave was myself and Joe Dunn. Poles on the right belonging to Steve Mercer, ably assisted by Jason Whitfield.

Poles and Turks in Melee. Poles then operated by "Devildice" Jase W

Some of Dave Tuck's Turks. Notice the stakes near the guns. Would have been more use against a small gang of vampires.

These Turkish guns of Dave Tuck's look big and mean, don't they? It turned out they were anything but. They do look nice though.

Some of Steve Mercer's Poles.

A view down the table of the Turk Line towards Joe Dunn's position.

Close up of the melee between Dave Tuck's Turks, commanded by him, and the Poles commanded by Jason Whitfield. By this time Jase "Devildice", who I had been facing all game, had already overwhelmed my cavalry apart from one small battalion. I was already Horsemeat despite me throwing lots of high dice and Jase throwing about average dice. It is because I was playing with poor quality Cavalry. Joe and Dave weren't faring much better but still were not exterminated as quick as I was. Still good fun game though. If I'd thrown my normal dice, Jase would have got me even earlier!

Close up of another melee between the Turks and Poles.

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