Sunday, 17 February 2008

Wargames at the club 11th Feb 2008

Here is yet another slighly overdue games report from Monday 11th Feb 2008. Before I begin though I should say that 2 days before these games took place, Saturday 9th Feb 2008, at least half a dozen of us came to the club to help in the communal cleanup as had been planned in the AGM. The club got hoovered, windows got cleaned, scenery got dusted and some got thrown out, entire club was dusted and cleaned etc . It means with this cleanup that we may be able to get the club redecorated in areas it needs most and especially parts of the club that do require some repair.

On 11th Feb 2008, there were 3 games going on:
AK47 between Dave Tuck and Martin Buck;
Napoleonic Naval game between Mal Taylor and Mike Barnatt, with Andy Hamilton overseeing;
Wars of the Roses between Mark Alcock and Paul Robinson.
Got photos of all of them for you to see, beginning with the Naval game:

Mike Barnatt playing on the right with Mal Taylor on the left. 1 or 2 of these belonged to Mal with the rest belonging to Andy Hamilton, who was overseeing the game and helping with the rules of the game.

Dave Tuck's AK47 Army. Bit small.

Martin Buck's AK47 sailors.

Overview of the AK47 game.

Martin Buck's AK47 Tanks. Actually they're Panzer 4's and Martin won this game.

In this Wars of the Roses game, Paul Robinson was Yorkist and Mark Alcock wasn't. Mark was of course Lancastrian. The fellas in this photo are some of Mark's Lancastrian Mad Axemen.

Melee between the Yorkists and Lancastrians.

Mark's Lancastrian Knights.

A small horde of Paul Robinson's Yorkists.

Yorkist/Lancastrian Clash. Seem to be quite a few knights in this one.

Yorkists on the move handling some rather crude weaponry at the back there.

Better photo of Yorkists handling that rather crude weaponry. Sorry, don't know the name of the weapon but I wouldn't like any of those things anywhere near me.

Another good clash between the Yorkists and Lancastrians. Does seem reasonably colourful too.

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