Tuesday, 19 February 2008

WW1 Attack and Defend

On Monday 18th Feb 2008, there were 2 games going on: WW1 upstairs, WW2 downstairs. I am saving the WW2 game for my next post, concentrating for this post on the upstairs game.

Playing were Mark Alcock, John Ogden, Paul Robinson and his son. John Ogden was British, using his own forces which were defending. Everyone else was German using Paul's German's. The Germans were attacking en masse.

I took a few photos of the game as usual:

Paul's German's make their invasion.

German machine gun and next to it a german observer (with binoculars).

British Infantry about to face the German Infantry.

British Heavy Mortar on top of ruined building.

British Light Mortar in back garden with Heavy Mortar in the background.

Frontal view of the germans advancing at the front of the town.

Unfortunately the British lost due to the overwhelming German opposition.


Grimsby Mariner said...

Not wishing to sound too offeneded but....all the photographs of the Germans are actually figures from my collection and painted by me.

generalgrant said...

Sorry Paul. I thought they were all Marks. I'll correct the blog immediately.