Thursday, 21 February 2008

WW1 Terrain Update

The terrain building has progressed since my last update. However Mal Taylor and Andy Hamilton have also been busy with making some refurbishments at the club. They began doing some refurbishing when we had our communal cleanup by sorting out existing shelving and building new storage for the terrain boards. Needless to say, both have been extremely busy with those projects.

All the WW1 Terrain boards have now been painted brown. Next stage is to start applying the teddy bear fur which will become grass. Got a few photos to show you.

Terrain board ready for the Teddy Bear fur. All the boards are like this.

Another painted terrain board with ruined building built in.

This table has also been built by Mal Taylor and Andy Hamilton. They have hours over the past few weeks building this table and continuing creating the WW1 Terrain. In fact in this photo taken last night, they had only just put the top on and were measuring it up etc

Andy using the spirit level to try to keep the table level while Mal pretends he's doing some work...

Coincidentally it is under this table the new WW1 Terrain will be stored.

Mal Taylor (left) and Andy Hamilton (right) standing proudly either side of the new table which they have christened the HMS Malandy

If they had not been good enough to pose for this shot and stopped what they were doing my photos of them would have been a bit blurred.

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