Saturday, 23 February 2008

Blitzkrieg! On the Eastern Front - Part 1

Decided to split this report into 2 parts again to make it bite-sized. Although over 20 photos were taken by me, only half of them will be put on the blog. For some reason though when I downloaded the photos they came out quite darkish which is most unusual. They were taken same way as normal on macro mode and no flash. The WW1 shots I took did not come out that way. So I ended up having to increase the fill light in the photos to 50% to the light level it should be. Don't normally have to do anything like that. Once you see them though I think you'll agree it did not do the photos any harm.

The rules used in this game were Blitzkrieg Commander. It was a 7 player game in snowy terrain on 18th Feb 2008. Germans were by Dave Tuck. Russians by Steve Mercer. On the side of the Germans were Dave Tuck, myself and Ron Skeet. On the Russians side were comrades Steve Mercer, Jason Whitfield, Mal Taylor and Andy Hamilton.
The Russians were attacking from both ends of the table while the Germans had to defend from the middle. First, a few shots of the table before the game began..

Some German tanks with infantry occupying buildings. Ron Skeet was playing with these.

Close up of some of the German infantry occupying a building with tanks in the background.
I was actually using my big tripod for these 2 shots. It had been fixed or should I say "bodged" by me using epoxy resin over the weekend so that it held the camera better.

Overview of the German's Defenses in the middle of the table. In the forefront are the Germans commanded by Ron Skeet while in the background you can see near the wood are several Kingtigers commanded by Dave Tuck. Dave Tuck was the other side of the table.

Andy Hamilton (left) with Mal Taylor (right) as they started bringing their Russians onto the table. The Germans are on the top of the hill commanded by Ron Skeet.

All the German defenses are on the top of the hill. Immediately in front with the Stugs and German Infantry occupying buildings was my position with Dave Tuck the other side of the hill.

Notice the masses of T-34's at the bottom of the hill which on the right were commanded and owned by Steve Mercer with Jason Whitfield on the left.

A view of Dave Tuck's side of the hill, with a german mortar crew at forefront and tanks including a Nashorn in front of the german occupied building.

This was Dave and Steve's first WW2 Eastern Front game at the club. Hopefully I have now set the scene up for the battle, which will continue tomorrow..

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Andy Mitchell said...

I think digital cameras adjust their light sensitivity in a fairly naive way. So something photoed against a white background (as against snow in this case) will turn out dark.