Sunday, 24 February 2008

Blitzkrieg! On the Eastern Front - Part 2

The battle continues...

Here, Jason Whitfield ordered a Russian Bomber to attack the German Infantry on top of the hill, which was my position. Notice the Russian T34's with infantry support at the bottom of the hill advancing towards me.

A close up of some German Infantry occupying a building in the middle of the games table. These were commanded by Ron Skeet.

Dave Tuck's Kingtigers. In this position they were defending against Mal and Andy's Russian Advance.

The German forces in the middle of the table commanded by Ron Skeet, apart from the Kingtigers. Some casualties had already been taken on the hill where smoke is visible. The large ball of smoke was not due to any artillery. It's where we kept the smoke should anyone need it. I certainly needed it.

A close up of Mal Taylor's Russian forces advancing with Andy Hamilton's forces in the background. Between the two of them, they had a decent number of IS2's - the ones with the very large gun barrels.

Close up of some of Steve Mercer's Russian figures and tanks, here, at Dave Tuck's German position, quite literally breathing down his neck. Notice the horse drawn field gun.

Close up of Steve Mercer's Russian T34's at Dave Tuck's position. Accidentally caught Mal Taylor in the background.

Shortly after Jason Whitfield wiped out my German Infantry he stormed my position and finished me off. His tanks had already destroyed mine before he even got anywhere near the hill. At least I did manage to destroy some of his tanks which I don't deny I actually enjoyed. I don't very often get to wipe out anything of his forces normally whatever period he is playing you see. During that time, Steve attacked Dave's Germans on the hill. Dave somehow managed to hold out for a long time in that position. After destroying my forces on the hill Jase broke through to the middle and pushed forward. 2 of my tanks did retreat before Jase then blew them up moments afterwards.
Mal and Andy took the hill at the other end of the table, destroying Ron's forces on there. With Jase Whitfield then in the middle and advancing, Dave Tuck had to turn his Kingtigers round towards him to act in defense.

The result? The Russians won. The Germans were overwhelmed on both sides of the table, outgunned and outnumbered. Good fun game though and look forward to another one. It was also nice to have so many members involved in the game. Thanks to Dave Tuck and Steve Mercer for that.

Some of you may have noticed that some photos seem larger than others. That's because I forgot to resize some before uploading. You might even enjoy them more that way.

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