Friday, 7 March 2008

AWI 4th March 2008

There were 2 games on Monday night: Napoleonic Naval game using the Close Signal Action Rules between Steve Mercer, Andy Hamilton and Mal Taylor;

25mm American War of Independence on the large table downstairs between Dave Tuck as the Yankees assisted by Pete, a new player, whose surname escapes me and Mark Alcock as the Hessians ably assisted by "Devildice" Jase Whitfield. Of course the Yanks belonged to Dave Tuck and the Hessians to Mark Alcock. Photos were taken of both games on both my main camera and my mobile camera.

I'm packing a lot of pics into this post including some of the mobile photos as the result of those photos was actually quite good.

Beginning with the Naval game first:

Mark Alcock's Hessians in the AWI game:

Some of Dave Tuck's Yanks:

Overall shot of the game:

And now for some mobile photos of the AWI game taken with my Sony Ericsson K800i and downloaded to the pc:

Unfortunately for Mark the Hessians lost after suffering a substantial amount of casualties leaving them with a battle they could not win. Not sure who won the Naval game.

That night was also when I was trying out my new digital camera a Samsung L730. My previous camera had developed a fault leaving me to return it for refund or replacement. Using the refund I got another one which cost me slightly more, no more than £9. This one is a 7.2 megapixel whereas the previous was a 7.1. Minor difference I know. Had not adjusted to its new settings or learnt my way round the camera at the time these pics were taken. Since then I have found the best optimal settings for taking photos of figures on it though settings be slightly different to other one.

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