Sunday, 2 March 2008

WW1 Terrain Update

Another update for you regarding the terrain. Since last post not only have the boards changed colour again, they have begun to be textured. Some photos were taken by me on the night of Wednesday February 27th 2008 after playing some games of Magic: The Gathering at the club. I started playing Magic: The Gathering regularly at the club a few months back.

In the early hours of February 27th the 5.2 earthquake struck, the resulting tremor had been felt all across the UK making it the UK's biggest quake for about 25 years. Epicentre was near Ludford near Market Rasen, approx 15-20 miles down the road from us.

All these photos were taken using my mobile on macro mode. Bet you wouldn't have guessed that if I hadn't told you.

Shot of the terrain boards after they had been worked on by Mal Taylor and Andy Hamilton that night.

Birds eye view of one of the boards.

Close up view of one of the trenches.

Last but not least it appeared that since my previous update the HMS Malandy had been painted with the end added on. Painted by Andy Hamilton.

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