Saturday, 22 March 2008

Eastern Front Game at Dave Tuck's House - Part 1

The game took place on 8th March 2008.

I had been looking forward to it for days. It had been arranged days ago as had been my transport. I had never been to Dave Tuck's before which was outside Grimsby. My digital camera had been charged up the night before. Also made sure my Dice, tape measure and the rulebook which was "Blitzkrieg Commander" were ready. All bagged and prepared with both my tripods. Dennis Coleman of Hovels was originally going to come and pick me up but he was unable to make it as he was preparing a large order for Triples - in fact, Essex Miniatures - so couldn't. Mike Barnatt was good enough to pick me up to take me to Dave's. Mike had brought along a dozen boxes of Russian Vehicles and Infantry with him for the game. 27,000 points worth I believe.

Playing in this game were Martin Buck, Mike Barnatt, Myself and Dave Tuck. Before I put in a full game report I will show you what the scenery looked like that Dave Tuck had made for the game. The photos below were taken before Martin Buck had arrived so these pics were before approx 10.30am.

Overview of the games table at Dave Tuck's House. Its inside a Shed in fact. This table is not quite as large as the downstairs games table at the club but its not far off.

Some of the German defenses before the game started. Notice the infantry occupying the ruined buildings.

A couple of Tiger Tanks on the hill with more tanks in the background.

A large group of German Tanks ready for action.

Some planes hovering over the battleground.

German Infantry with much needed Panzerfausts lie in wait outside the building.

Close up of the Tiger Tanks. The top left tank had been originally painted by Martin Buck.

More tomorrow as the game begins...


Milton said...

Awesome looking! What scale are those figs? Looks like 20mm...

generalgrant said...

Yep. I believe that they are as they are also suitable for playing Rapid Fire!

Anonymous said...

Hi Milton,
The figures are 20mm, the German figures are from Valiant Miniatures and Shell Hole Scenics figures range. The German tanks and vehicles are mostly Dragon (1/72 scale) and similar pre painted models.

Martin Buck