Saturday, 22 March 2008

WW1 Game 17th March 2008

It was a 4 player game on Monday: Mark Alcock and John Ogden as the Germans using Mark's Germans, painted by our own Joe Dunn, a professional figure painter; Dave Tuck and Andy Sharpe as the British using Andy Sharpe's British soldiers and Vehicles. Once again, the Germans were in defense against the British attack.

Notice the German Observer on the left on the roof. If you look closely you can see he is using a radio whilst holding a map.

Some German Infantry occupy a building whilst some of them advance.

These German Infantry appear to be on the offensive and hiding in soft cover.

British Infantry advancing alongside an armoured car.

Just some of the advancing British Forces.

British Field Gun.

British Commanders with their motorised transport.

The result was that the Germans lost although they have had worse games.

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