Sunday, 30 March 2008

Eastern Front Game at Dave Tuck's House - Part 3 (The Saga continues..)

Before I continue the battle some things need to be added. Whilst some of the scenery orginally came from the club before Dave Tuck worked his magic on it, much of it is home made and the armour is a mix of makers with the german figures from Valiant Miniatures and Shell Hole Scenics with a smattering of Raventhorpe.

Before battle resumed, took this close up of the German Quad Flak Gun.

Close up of one of the Russian Tanks. Mike Barnatt can be seen in the background. This photo was the front page photo for March on our official website.

Close up of some German Infantry in Winter Clothing.

With the battle resumed, more Russian reinforcements appeared. Notice the Katyusha. While a lot of Mike's Vehicles are from manufacturers, a large amount are quite literally handmade. Mike has always been creative.

Along with many Russian Vehicles were the Mounted Cossacks. The Russian forces were quite substantial by this time.

The Russian attack continued heading straight for the German defences. My dice throwing had improved for the second half of the game and we were getting less suppressed. However with so many forces coming our way, sooner or later something was going to give...

The Volksgrenadiers advance towards the front of the German Defences.

Panzers, which had been at the back, move forward in anticipation of trouble.

A German mortar crew which did not fire all game as it turned out.

The Russians slowly chipping away at our defences at the front. Field Guns ganged up on by Tanks.

The Russian forces with reinforcements coming in the background. Despite the casualties at the front of their offence by this time they had destroyed our Field gun, the Quad Flak Gun, the Infantry Gun and some vehicles at the front. The Game was pretty much over.

On the next instalment I will show you how the game looked when it ended. I also have some better shots of Martin Buck's scenery that he provided, to say the least..

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