Sunday, 6 April 2008

WSS Game March 31st 2008

Slightly overdue report. There was also a game of AK47 being played that night which will be put in a separate post.
Mark Alcock and Jase Whitfield were the English under the command of the Duke of Marlborough using Mark's figures; Paul Robinson was the Danish. This WSS game was played on our large table downstairs. Both forces started out on equal points.
For a better report of the game go to Paul's blog here:

Here are the photos as promised.

Malburian forces under Jase's command engaging in a melee.

Overview of the WSS Game with the Melee at the forefront.

Close up of some of the Danish figures, in red.

The English forces slowly closing in on the Danish in the centre of the Battlefield.

Whilst most of the Malburian forces under Jase's command lost the Melee and had to rout, this is one group in those forces that broke through and advanced.

The Danish forces start to feel a bit hemmed in by the English.

Close up of the Danish Guard. Think I played with these guys in the big WSS game after Christmas last year.

Taken not long before the game ended. Malburians forces heading for a battalion of Danish.

As it turned out, the Malburians won this game. The Danish had been backed into a corner around the middle of it and been taking quite a few casualties.

Most of the forces on the table as usual was from Front Rank. Coming soon are some photos of Front Rank figures that I took at Triples. Why? Because I have always liked Front Rank figures after seeing them in action in WSS Games at the club..

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